Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

1. Vacations are great, but it takes a full week of being home to get completely back in the swing of things. I finally feel "at home" in my own home again.

2. Mom's need a little bit of quiet time away from their kids to remain sane. I have spent every waking hour with my kids for the last 5 or 6 weeks. I love them, but I really need some time away from them.

3. I must spend a few minutes ranting about something that really upset me on our visit to Disney this past Saturday. When did it become ok to throw your trash wherever you happen to be? Disney has strategically placed trash cans about every 5 feet. You can hardly walk through the park without tripping over one. I was so frustrated by the end of the day. I actually had to move trash on two rides, just to be able to sit down. And if that was not bad enough, I watched two "ladies" feed a toddler pudding while waiting in line and then just leave the empty packages and spoon on a ledge in the q-line. How rude have people become?

When did we decide it was ok to expect others to pick up after us?

What kind of example are these people setting for their kids and mine?

I think it may be time to bring back the 1970's crying Indian commercials.

This is not an example of the kind of world I want to leave for my kids.

4. Summer vacation is almost over. My kids go back to school next Monday. Where did the summer go? We have had fun. It went by too fast, but at the same time, I think we are all ready to get back into the routine. If only the routine did not involve being so busy and homework! YUCK!!!

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