Thursday, November 5, 2009

Top 10 Reasons My Blog Has Been Neglected

1. I have been co-chairing the biggest fundraiser that our Cub Scout Pack does all year.

2. I spent a lot of hours planning the first ever Cub Scout Pack 220 Halloween campout. I was responsible for planning all of the activities for the weekend.

3. I am taking classes so that I can earn my K-5 certification and go back to teaching. The school told me to expect to spend 12 hours per week on school work. It is a least that many hours, usually more!

4. I spend 2 hours every week volunteering in the classroom, so that I can earn my K-5 certfication.

5. I am a Cub Scout Den Leader. It is only supposed to take 1 hour each week. I think that is 1 hour in dog years!

6. My son is playing fall Little League (2 practices and 1 game each week).

7. All three of my kids come home with math and reading homework every day.

8. My family produces an unbelievable amount of laundry every week.

9. Grocery shopping must be done or my family does not eat.

10. My housework has been neglected for soooooo long that I think my house may soon be engolfed in a giant dust bunny!!!


Kelly said...

I KNOW the feeling! I am feeling overwhelming guilt about it...

Melody said...

SAME HERE! I was just asking my dear husband if he had any idea what it was like watch all your work be completely undone before your eyes - since he's in construction, he actually said "yes"!