Thursday, May 20, 2010


Wednesday, May 19, 2010 will be a night that our AAA Dodgers will remember for a long time. They came into this game as undeniable underdogs. They had faced the AAA Red Sox three times during the regular season and lost all three games. This game was do or die for the Dodgers. They are in the middle of a double elimination league tournament. A loss in this game meant the end of the season for our guys. It is not too big a stretch to say that no one in the league thought our guys had a chance tonight. Fortunately for the Dodgers they didn't see it the same way.

Because we had the lesser record of the two teams we were deemed to be the visiting team and thus first at bat. Our guys came out swinging. The Dodgers got three great hits and put two runners on base. After their first at bat the Dodgers had scored one run. From that moment on this game was a defensive battle. The Dodgers held the Red Sox to zero runs until the sixth inning, while managing to score two more runs in the fourth inning.

The score at the bottom of the sixth inning was 3 - 0 in favor of the Dodgers. The Red Sox came up to bat read to put some runs on the board. Through a series of overthrown bases and small errors our guys let the Red Sox score 2 runs. However, we had 2 outs and our pitcher was throwing some great pitches. The last batter came up. Our pitcher threw 2 balls and the batter fouled off two pitches. All our pitcher needed to do was throw one more strike. The pitcher wound up, threw the ball, and THUD, the ball hit the catchers glove, the batter swung, STRIKE THREE!!! THE DODGERS WON!!! The team and the fans went crazy. They did it, they finally beat the team that had been haunting them all season. The win also meant that the Dodgers advanced in the league tournament and will now face the AAA Rays (a team that is even scarier than the Red Sox).

The game against the Rays tonight is a big one, it is for a chance at first place in the AAA division. A loss means that the Dodgers finish second. But, it would be a well deserved and hard fought second place.
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