Tuesday, June 29, 2010

3 Birthday Parties

Birthday, Birthday, and one more Birthday. We had our share of birthday parties last weekend.

It started on Friday. Friday was CJ's birthday. Normally we spend the day playing mini-golf, eating lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, and hanging out at Downtown Disney. This year we decided to spend a night at Disney's Fort Wilderness campground.

We arrived at the campground on Friday afternoon, set up our tents and headed to the pool. Around dinner time we were joined at the pool by CJ's best buddy and a good friend of the family. After a little pool time we headed back to the campsite for dinner, cake, and birthday gifts.

CJ was excited to get some new NY Yankees gear, a new watch, and a bunch of money. After the presents we headed back to the pool for a couple more hours of swimming. The night was fun, but went by way too fast. We have already decided that next year we will make it a whole weekend and take in more of the fun stuff that Fort Wilderness has to offer. Not to worry though...the party is not over yet, CJ has a kids party coming up in a couple of weeks.

Saturday morning the girls were invited to a "Pony Party" to celebrate the birthday of one of their neighborhood friends. The girls were both really excited to ride a pony for the first time. This pony, named "Dancer," is the pony that the girls friend takes riding lessons on. Caley was a little worried about getting on the pony, but once she got on, she did great!

Caitlyn couldn't wait for her turn to ride Dancer. Caitlyn had a great time. She is definitely the animal lover of our two girls. After the pony ride the girls did a craft, ate pizza, attacked a pinata, and went for a swim in our neighbors pool. It was a very FULL day!

But wait...we were not done yet. Did I mention that our neighbors also have twins? Sunday was twin brother's turn to have his party. The boys in the neighborhood were all invited to play Lazer Tag.

The Lazer Tag place was perfect for a boys party. The kids got to play two games of Lazer tag, drive the bumper cars, play a few video games, eat pizza and cake, and run around yelling as loud as they could. Everyone had a great time and the sisters were happy that they got to join in on the party too.

It was a full weekend of parties, by Sunday afternoon all three of my kids were ready to take naps, and they did. Whew...

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Jules said...

I know I am ready for a nap after just reading that busy post...sounds like so much fun.