Monday, November 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I was tagged today by my friend Kelly. See her blog "Our Family Ramblings." So, the subject of my post today is...

"15 Things that I am Not Afraid to Admit"
  1. I am not a morning person! I am forced to be because I have to get my kids off to school. I love to stay up late, not get up early!
  2. I order Hot Chocolate at Starbucks. I just cannot seem to develop a taste for coffee. I just don't get the attraction.
  3. I would love to have another baby. I don't think it will happen, 3 kids are plenty, but I still think about it! ;-)
  4. I wish I could move back to Minnesota. I miss it all the time. Even the winters.
  5. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the fall colors, Halloween and Thanksgiving. They are my favorite holidays!
  6. "John & Kate Plus Eight" and "Little People Big World" are two of my favorite TV shows. I just love watching the things that go on in their lives.
  7. I listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh on the radio. I have been a big fan of both of them for a long time.
  8. I played the flute and piano through high school.
  9. I have a BA in Art, I wish I was using it more. I need more art in my life.
  10. I love to scrapbook. Again, I need more art in my life.
  11. I am getting ready to go back to work as a Substitute Teacher. It scares me a little. I am not sure if I will like it or not.
  12. I like being a Stay-at-Home-Mom. I wish I could find a way to make money from home.
  13. My dream vacation is an Alaskan cruise.
  14. I would like to visit France, regardless of what people say about the French. I am still intrigued by all of the art, the history, and just the city of Paris.
  15. I met my husband working at Disney, and we never had a "real" first date."

Well, that's it, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hope some of it was interesting to someone! ;-)

Tag! You are it Melody. See "Melody's Harmony."

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Kelly said...

Awesome list!! I wish I could make more $$ from home too and help Jack out! I can't so I do mybest with managing our $$ to save as much as possible and stretch it as far as it will go! Have a good one!