Sunday, November 16, 2008

Raingutter Regatta

Last Saturday (Wow, was that already a week ago?) was the annual Pack 220 Raingutter Regatta. Raingutter Regatta, what does that mean? That is what I thought my first year in Scouting. It is a pretty cool event for the kids. We actually have a "track" that is made out of side by side sections of rain gutter. We fill each gutter up with water and the kids race their boats in them. They all buy a little kit that BSA sells to make their very own boat. They decorate it anyway that they want, and then, they all get together to race. The boats are propelled, down the gutter, by each kid gently blowing on the sail of their own boat.
This year CJ decided to decorate his boat like a Greek Pirate Ship. Yep, I did not know exactly what that was either. But, being the history buff that he is, CJ had a picture of one in a "101 facts about Pirates," book that he has. So, a Greek Pirate Ship it was.
The boat looked great, but did not race so well. We thought that maybe it was top heavy because of the extra decoration that he attached to the sail. But, upon closer inspection I noticed that the rudder and keel were attached crooked to the bottom of his boat. So, the lesson for next year's boat is; remember to make sure the rudder and keel are strait when gluing them on to the boat.
The day was not a total loss though. Even though he did not win a medal for racing his boat, CJ did win "Most Realistic Design." That was probably a more important prize to him anyway. He is all about his boat looking like a real boat! ;-)

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