Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Where did the week go? Last Thursday was CJ's 10th Birthday. With all that has gone on between then and now, I am finally getting to writing about his birthday celebration. In my defense, I planned a birthday party, planned a Cub Scout camping trip, and finished one of the most challenging college classes that I have ever taken. All in the last week.

The birthday party consisted of all of CJ's favorite things. We went through a whole list of choices...a small party, a big kids party at Legoland, a night at a Disney resort, and finally...this is what he decided on.

The day started with picking up his best friend and heading out to "UNO Chicago Grill" for some pizza. Here is CJ and his "best bud" waiting for the pizza to come. It is so easy to have these two together. They keep each other occupied the whole time and are never any trouble. I LOVE it!

After lunch all of the kids posed for a picture outside of the restaurant. We were all full and had enough leftover pizza for two more meals.

Our next stop was one of CJ's favorites. Mini-golf at Disney's Fantasia Gardens. He never gets tired of playing mini-golf.

Before we went in to start the game, we found a table out front, and opened the presents. CJ got all kinds of good stuff. He was excited about all of the Star Wars and baseball stuff that he got. But then, what could be better for a 10 year old boy than Star Wars and baseball?

Next, it was time to play golf. There were six of us that day, so we broke up into two teams. The boys played together, and the girls played together. Everyone had a great time. I think most of us got at least one hole-in-one. It was a super hot day, so we were all thankful for the water hazards that Disney has built into the course.

Here is CJ lining up to tee off on one of the holes.

After golf, we headed to Downtown Disney to go to the Lego store. The boys were each given $10.00 to pick out a "party favor" at Legoland. They looked at everything, played around for a while, and this is what they finally decided on.

After a little more looking around at Downtown Disney, we headed home for cake and ice cream. I gave CJ the option of having ice cream at "Ghirardelli" and he choose store bought ice cream and homemade cake. What? Not me! I would have taken the Ghirardelli ice cream. I have to admit, he choose the cheaper option, and it was nice to save a little money.

I am not sure why he has this look on his face. The cake really wasn't that heavy. I guess it was just a bit of birthday drama on his part.

In the end, it was a great day! CJ got to do exactly what he wanted, and he got to spend a day with his best buddy. Everything a 10 year old could want!

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Kelly said...

I am so glad they had a good time! I don't stop hearing about it!