Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome Back...Don't Go Far

After a short hiatus, the Tooth Fairy was back to visit us this week. Tuesday night Caitlyn asked dad to help her pull out a very loose tooth. Without much effort dad plucked the tooth from Caitlyn's mouth. We put the tooth in her special Tooth Fairy box and went off to bed. The next morning she woke up to this cute gift. It is a mini Barbie doll in a cute little box. The doll is holding a tiny Hello Kitty. Caitlyn loves it!

Fast forward to Friday night. Caitlyn decides she would like to eat an apple. OK...she takes the apple and heads off to play. Moments later I hear her howling and running toward me. "Mom, my tooth came out and it wasn't ready." I say to her..."Well it must have been ready because it came out so easy." Well, after a few minutes of going back and forth on the "Ready ~ Not Ready" discussion, I convince her to put the tooth in her Tooth Fairy box and leave it out for our good friend the Tooth Fairy. The next morning she woke up to a new Green Frog Webkin. sure is a good thing that the Tooth Fairy keeps lots of extra goodies around her house!

Of course the story does not stop there. Caley has two loose teeth. The same two that Caitlyn just lost. It's a Twin thing. And, CJ has been wiggling a loose tooth for the last few days. I thought for sure that one was going to be out last night. So is still in his mouth, but the day is still young.

We will be expecting several more visits from the Tooth Fairy in the coming weeks...I will keep you posted.

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thanks for jogging my memory..
my dad was old school we did the tie the tooth to a string and then tie the string to a door.. and jeeez were we crazy to listen to that.. 0)

out visiting today...have a good 1
mona & the girls