Sunday, October 11, 2009

If It Won't Come to Us...We Will Go to It

Last night the kids and I made the short drive to Celebration, Fl in search of a taste of fall. Every year the town of Celebration hosts a Fall Festival and Oktoberfest. It was another hot night but with all of the fall decorations, fall themed foods, and good music, we at least had the feeling that fall was in the air.

Every Friday and Saturday night through the month of October, the town organizes a "Leaf Drop." What is a "Leaf Drop?" Well, since we do not have many leaves that change color and fall to the ground in Central Florida, we have to simulate falling leaves. In Celebration they do this by dropping/blowing small tissue paper leaves from the top of the street lights every hour from 6pm to 9pm. The merchants in town hand out small paper bags to all of the kids so that they can collect the leaves.

Whoo Hoo! The 7pm leaf drop. My kids hadn't been to the Fall Festival for a few years, so they didn't really remember doing this before. Once the leaves started falling they knew exactly what to do and they really got into it. We have 3 full bags of tissue paper leaves in our house now.

Picking up the leaves after they had all blown to the ground. After the first leaf drop we headed down by the lake to look for some pumpkins to decorate.

The pumpkin decorating area was really busy and a little crowded, but for $3.00 each all three kids got to choose a small pumpkin and decorate it with markers, glitter, tissue, googley eyes, and foam shapes. There were tons of kids there last night and all of them seemed to be having a good time. I saw a lot of very creative pumpkins.

CJ covered his pumpkin with NY Yankees logos and stats. Uggg...he is obsessed! Why does it have to be the Yankees?
After the pumpkin decorating we walked around to look at the food and stuff in all of the tents. We had a few goodies, looked in a couple of cute stores (I love going to Celebration because it has a bunch of cute little shops with stuff that you don't find in other stores), and listened to some music. We also managed to make it to the 8 and 9pm "Leaf Drops" before heading home for the night.
We had a really good time and we are already talking about going back to Celebration in December to see the "Snow Fall."

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