Monday, October 12, 2009

It Must be the New Bat!

Last Saturday at baseball practice CJ went up to take his first at bat and oopse, the end of his bat fell off. It just fell off in his hand, I couldn't believe my eyes. So OK, he borrowed another players bat for the rest of the practice. The next day Chris took him to Sports Authority to buy a new bat. They came home with a bat the was a little bit longer and 4 ounces heavier than the old bat.

Last Wednesday CJ took the new bat to practice for the first time. He went up to take his first at bat and WACK, he hit the ball deep into center field! I could not believe my eyes. Next pitch...Wack another ball into the outfield. I was amazed...he was hitting balls all over the outfield. Before getting the new bat he was having a hard time getting the ball out of the infield.

The next night, Thursday, WGLL Orange had a game against WGLL Green. Orange was the visiting team, so we had the first at bat. CJ was batting 5th. CJ got up to take his first at bat of the game. The first pitch comes, it was a little high but he reaches up for it, swings, and WACK...he hits the ball deep into center field for a double! A DOUBLE!!! This was first double that CJ hit since he started playing Little League last fall. In his second and third at bats CJ hit two singles. He also got a couple of RBI's and scored 3 runs. What a night! It must have been the NEW BAT!

Final score ~ Orange 14, Green 2

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