Friday, January 29, 2010

Spelling Bee

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Spelling Bee at my kids elementary school. CJ was lucky enough to be one of the participants this year. The participants for the spelling bee were chosen over the last couple of weeks through a series of smaller spelling bees held in each class. The winner from each class was sent to participate in the school wide spelling bee. All of the words for the school wide spelling bee were determined to be Eighth grade level words. Most of the kids made it through the first round. A few of the 1st and 2nd graders made it through several rounds. In fact, the second runner up was a girl who is in 2nd grade! Amazing! She is an incredible speller. The winner of the spelling bee was a girls who is in 4th grade.

CJ made it through the second round. He did great on his first word(FRUIT), but got nervous in the second round. He had all of the correct letters in his word (SQUEEZE) he just mixed the letters up a little bit (SQUEZEE). Oopse! Oh well, we were really proud of him for being one of only 20 kids in the school who was able to participate. There were some really difficult words and all of the kids did great.

At the end of the spelling bee all of the kids posed for a group picture with their certificates. One funny note... CJ's last name is spelled wrong on his certificate! Our last name is a bit challenging, but when it is for a spelling bee, you would think someone would have double checked ALL of the SPELLING! ;-)

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Kelly said...

That is so awesome!! Every time mine does one, I swear I think he "throws it". He HATES to be infront of ppl! Good job, CJ