Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Fun!!!

It's BIRTHDAY week!!! This week the girls turn 7 and uncle Jay turns 29(again). Uncle Jay, Aunt Sarah, and cousins Devan and Owen are visiting from Minnesota. We started our week of fun with a visit to the Magic Kingdom.
CJ had Little League tryouts in the we didn't get to the park until early afternoon.
The girls got Princess Jasmin costumes for Christmas, and wanted to wear them to the park.

Here are the 3 crazy kids posing in front of the train station. They were super excited to meet up with their cousins. They didn't even want to stop to watch the parade going down Mainstreet. They just wanted to head strait back to Fantasyland to find the cousins!

Our first ride of the day was on the Tomorrowland Speedway. Devan could not wait to drive the cars. Aunt Sarah was taking a picture of Caitlyn and me while I was getting her and Devan.

Caley just loves her cousin! She was thrilled that he was paying so much attention to her. She would love to be a big sister.

Crazy cousins posing outside the Dumbo ride. Even baby Owen got in this picture. The kids had a great day and everyone was really good. We made it through the WHOLE day without any major meltdowns. With 5 kids, that is saying ALOT!!!

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Xmas Dolly said...

YOU ARE THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WHOLE WORLD to take their babies to Disneyland for their birthday! Just look at those smiles. Fantastic. Love the Blog. I'm your newest follower. Hope you can find the time to do the same.