Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy 1st B-day ~ Crazy Dog

September 15th was Bailey, our newest family member's, first birthday. Bailey has been a great addition to the family. She filled a big hole that was left in our lives when we lost our very beloved Shelby last fall. It has been a new experience for the kids to learn to live with a puppy vs. living with an old, well-trained, dog.
Bailey loves all three of the kids and has fit herself into each of their lives in many ways. She loves to run and play sports in the backyard with CJ. She follows the girls around the house and watches them play with all of their girly things. She has even learned to put up with Caley and Caitlyn pulling her around the backyard on a leash.
She is a great dog with a very easy going personality. The kids talked about and looked forward to her birthday for weeks. So...when the day finally came they were all very excited.

When they came home from school they could not wait to give Bailey her present. She, on the other hand could care less about the present. She was just happy to see them and have her playmates home for the day.

Once she figured out that there might be something to eat in that bag, she became a little more interested in the present.

After digging around in the bag she found a new toy, and a big bag of Snausages. She was in doggy heaven! I am sure she had no idea why she was being treated like a queen on this particular day, but she loved it anyway.

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Puppy!
We could not be more happy to have you in our lives!

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