Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy Weekend!

We had a weekend packed full of activities.
It started on Friday night with the first ever "unofficial Pack 220 Webelos I Halloween party - that was supposed to be a campout."

All of the members of our den got closed out of the official campout, due to procrastination. So, one of the families planned a fun-filled evening at their house. The kids played games, carved pumpkins, made s'mores and played together. The adults had a little party of their own, something that we would not have been able to do, had we gone to the "official" campout!

It was a fun night.

Caitlyn and Caley getting ready to decorate pumpkins

Pack 220 selling popcorn at Wonder Works

Saturday morning we were up early to head out to our LAST popcorn sale of the year! Yipee!!! Hurray!!! Yeeesssssss!!! Oh, do I sound too happy about that? Anyway, we had our last Popcorn Show and Sell at Wonder Works. It was not our most successful sale, but it was an interesting location. We met several "Scouters" from the UK. They are always happy to talk to us about Scouting in the US. They are also always very generous and happy to help support Scouting! A big "Thank you" to our Scouting friends in the UK.

Chris, Caitlyn and CJ at EPCOT

Saturday afternoon we went to EPCOT. EPCOT is hosting their annual Food and Wine Festival. Appearing at the festival that night was the '80's own "Expose." Chris is a big fan of Expose, so we all went to see the concert and go on a few rides. It was a fun night, but then, when isn't a trip to a Disney theme park fun?

Caley, "Birthday Boy" Thomas, and Caitlyn

Sunday afternoon Caley and Caitlyn were invited to a birthday party for one of their classmates. They were so excited! They have been supporting all of CJ's activities lately, so they were very happy to have a party of their own to go to.

They had a great time!

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Melody said...

Good Grief! I thought my life was busy. You did more in a weekend than I did all work-week!
GREAT storybook at the Pack Meeting. Your 'wtichy ways' were awesome.