Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Keepin' the Tooth Fairy Busy!!!

We seem to be keeping the Tooth Fairy in business these days! Monday night, just as I was getting everybody into bed, Caley came to me with one of her teeth in her hand. I can't believe another tooth came out! That makes 3 for Caley. Caitlyn has lost two, and knocked one out on her own, for a total of 3. CJ has lost 7 teeth ( I think, I am starting to loose count).

This morning I checked Caitlyn's teeth for her, I found 3 more loose teeth in her mouth. She was a little jealous that Caley got a gift from the Tooth Fairy, so she is wondering when she will be able to get one. Ahh twins, there is always a little bit of competition, and the need to keep things equal!!!

So, it looks like we can expect many more visits from the Tooth Fairy in the very near future. I guess she will get to know our house well. And, she is getting smart! She has started a stash of little trinkets for all of those late night, last minute tooth losses! :-)

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