Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yankees Improve to 2 and 0

Last night was CJ's second baseball game (another crazy night!). He had a good game, but is still waiting to get his first hit in a game. He got walked in his first at bat, and struck out in his second. He was upset about the strike-out. He stood there and watched the pitches, he did not swing at everything this time, he just faced a pretty good pitcher, who was throwing strikes!

Fielding was the exciting part of the game for CJ. He played right field, 2nd base and 3rd base. He has been very anxious to get an infield position. You could see the excitement on his face when he got to play 3rd base!

Final score; Yankees 11, Pirates 10 (thank goodness for the 3 run per inning rule!)

Special note: the Yankees have a boy on their team named Joshua, who is autistic. For the second game in a row, Josh has gotten a hit. All of the boys are really supportive of him and it is great to see. I am impressed with how Josh's dad encourages him and is taking the time to keep his son in the game. You can find great people everywhere, if you just take the time to look!!!


Kelly said...

Not very happy in this house that the Yankees beat the Pirates! :o)

I love watching autistic or special needs kids being intigrated into mainstream! It has big benefits for both the child and the children he comes into contact with! That is another HOPE thing I love!! Sorry, don't want to open a sore wound! :o(

Julie said...

Oopse, I forgot you guys were Pennsylvanians! Better luck next time. =0)

I have been really impressed with the Winter Garden Little League. They make sure to give EVERY kid a chance, and work with them on improving. The Fall season is the more instructional league, I guess Spring ball is pretty competitive. We will see how that goes.