Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" Pajama Party Marathon

After a week of Cub Scout meetings, school functions, and baseball practices, I decided that Friday night was "stay at home and hibernate night." The adjenda for the night, do as little as possible and have a "Jon & Kate Plus 8" pajama party marathon. I had bought the seasons 1 & 2 DVD a while ago, but we had not had a chance to watch it yet. The kids did not even know that I had it.
Now, if you have not already guessed, we are big fans of the Gosselin's. I am not exactly sure what it is about them that we all like so much. But we cannot get enough of this show. So for 2 + hours we watched episode after episode of Jon & Kate. It was great!
More exciting news...Monday night at 9:00 is an all new episode. It just so happens that we will just be getting home from Cub Scouts and getting ready for bed at that time. We will definetly have the show on and be watching!

Jon & Kate fans ready for a night of viewing

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Raise Them Up said...

I love this show! We don't often catch it, but you're right, there's something about the family.