Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amazing Works of Art

I received an email today containing these paintings. The email did not include the name of the artist or any information about the paintings. I was so intrigued and amazed by them that I decided to google 'feather painting' and it lead me directly to the artist's website. How cool!

Anyway, the artist is aware that these paintings are being circulated without her permission and without anyone giving her credit for her work. I decided to share them with anyone who reads my blog and give her full credit.

The artist's name is Julie Thompson. She has a website with many more paintings on it. Her web address is She also has a blog. Her blog site is

These amazing works of art really are feathers (many from peacock wings) that she has painted beautiful scenes on.

I am so intrigued by these paintings because I cannot imagine the patience it takes to paint on feathers. I also love Alaska and all of the wildlife and scenery that they are lucky enough to have there. I hope to visit Alaska one day.

Take a look at Julie's work and if you receive the email containing her work, give her the credit that she deserves.

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Kelly said...

I got these emails too!! They are beautiful!!