Sunday, January 4, 2009

That makes 6

Six, yes six, lost teeth since I started this blog at the beginning of September. You would think there would be some way that we could put all of these homeless teeth to good use???

This time it was Catilyn. Is it strange that the girls are in a perfect 'every other pattern' with the lost teeth? Yet another mysterious twin connection?

Saturday morning I was helping Caitlyn brush her teeth. I knew that she had a loose tooth and they never brush very good when one of their teeth is loose. So, as I was inspecting her work and brushing the neighboring bottom teeth, the loose one was just flopping back and forth. I am not sure what was holding it in place, it couldn't have been much. This tooth was so loose that I could bend it completely over with the tooth brush.

I told Caitlyn that it was time to pull the tooth out before it fell out by itself and she either swallowed it or washed it down the drain while brushing.

Well, dad overheard our conversation and ran in to save the day. I refuse to pull these teeth out, but he seems to be an expert in this area. So, after a few minutes of coaxing and lots of tears, Caitlyn finally let dad put his fingers in there and give the tooth a little yank. It popped out without any effort at all.

After a few more minutes of drama, we put the tooth in the Tooth Fairy box and placed it on Caitlyn's dresser to await our friend, the Tooth Fairy's, visit that night(we might as well just make up a little bed for her in the girl's room at this point).

As you can see, the Tooth Fairy found her way to the girl's bedroom. Caitlyn woke up to find a Webkin dog on her dresser. The dog has been adopted and named "Mickey."

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