Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Saturday Full of Scouting

This weekend was the annual Sand Lake district Webelos Woods camp out. This camp out is designed for Webelos from every pack, to spend a weekend with all of the Webelos from the district, doing Webelos stuff. CJ and I did not camp the whole weekend, but we did drive out early on Saturday morning to join the other boys from our pack.
The day started with an opening flag ceremony at 8:45 am. From there the group was divided into patrols. Each patrol had a schedule for the day to attend classes for 6 different activity badges. Pack 220 was part of the Cougar patrol. In the morning our boys worked on their Readyman, Athlete and Outdoorsman activity badges. In the afternoon we had classes for Engineer, Artist and Forester activity badges. It was a full day of activities. The volunteers who planned the day did a great job of making each activity badge class fun and informative.

Our first class after lunch was Engineer. The class was taught by a Disney Imagineer and an Architect. The boys all loved this class. They got to see a set of surveyor plans for Kali River Rapids and Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. They also got to see elevations and a floor plan for the guest room that is now located inside Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom. If that wasn't enough, they built catapults, a working electrical circuit, and a simple crane. All in one hour!

At the Artist activity badge class the boys made a mobile out of hangers and found nature objects, a sculpture out of clay, painted a picture with water colors, talked about primary and secondary colors, and learned about different careers in art.

After all of our classes were done, we took a little time to celebrate a 10th birthday for one of our scouts. It seems like we have a birthday to celebrate at every camp out. It is great for the boys to be able to celebrate together and eat a few cupcakes!

When the birthday celebration was over, I gave each boy a special patch that they get for attending the event. One of the boys from our den had gone home already so he is not in the picture. We had 5 out of 9 boys attend the camp out. Great participation! They had a really good day, got to know each other a little better, and learned a lot.

Next year we will make plans to spend the whole weekend at this event. It was a good time, well organized, and something that CJ is already looking forward to next year.

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