Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Darn Rabbits

Earlier this week I posted a "Tackle It Tuesday" about the Butterfly Garden that my girls planted in our backyard. There they are, over there on the left, proudly holding the bean plants that they brought home from school. Everything was going great. We were watering the seeds everyday. We were checking to see if anything was coming up yet.
Then, Tuesday morning, before school, the girls went out to look at their garden. Both girls came back in the house and told me, "the leaves fell off of our bean plants."
Hummmm...I really wasn't sure what to say to them. I didn't have time to go out to look. We were on our way out the door. I promised them I would check the plants when I got back home.
Well, this is what I found!

Two little bean plants. No leaves, in fact no leaves to be found anywhere! Just two little green stems, standing all by themselves.
RABBITS!!! Rabbits had visited our yard during the night and had eaten all of the leaves off of the bean plants. At least they left the stems. I am sure they are hiding ~ out there somewhere ~ biding their time ~ until the new leaves grow ~ and they can have another snack.
So, now I am trying to devise a plan to keep the rabbits away from our newly planted Butterfly Garden. I would like to keep them away, at least until we have a garden! I'll keep you posted.

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