Tuesday, April 21, 2009


2:00 pm - Chris and I are in the car, headed toward the school to pick the kids up. It was raining, so we decided to pick them up in the car instead of walking, which we usually do. My phone rings..."Mrs. Wr-----(no can ever pronounce our last name) this is Nurse Mary at school. Caley tripped and fell into a desk. She cut her head and I think she may need stitches."

Ok... thank goodness we were on our way there.

We get to the school, we were immediately directed into the nurses office. Both of the girls were there. Both were in tears. Part of being a twin is having the same emotions at the exact same moment, even if only one of them is sad, hurt, happy, sleepy, sick, the other joins in.

Poor Caitlyn was crying her eyes out for Caley. I asked her if her head hurt too(I have heard instances in which twins do feel pain for each other), she said "no" she was just sad for Caley.

Luckily the cut didn't look too bad.

We got all three kids and headed to the pediatricians office. His decision was that she did not need stitches, just steri-stripes and a little bandaging. Again, thank goodness, I think the trama of stitches may have been worse than the actual cut.

In the end, I was very proud of her. She handled the whole thing pretty well. I can't wait to hear the stories she will have to tell from school today. I am sure the whole class will want to know all about her new look. And hopefully it won't leave too much of a scar.

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Kelly said...

Poor girl!!! I think that was great that the nurse let the two stay together!! She may have a bit of a headache!!