Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday at Animal Kingdom Lodge

For our last day of Spring Break the girls and I decided to meet Grandma (she had to work at Animal Kingdom) and go explore the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We looked around the resort for a few hours. Looked at the animals, checked out the pool, had a little snack poolside, and of course looked around the gift shop. In this picture the girls are standing on a balcony that overlooks the "Savannah" on the backside of the resort. We saw 5 giraffes and 3 zebras out there.

This giraffe was very active that afternoon. He/she walked from tree to tree looking for leaves to eat.

Here are the girls acting crazy and making their mom nervous. We were walking across a bridge that spans the lobby of the resort, on the 5th floor. I was feeling a little fear of heights up there.

Can you find the hidden Mickey in this picture? We found them all over the lobby of the resort. They were in all of the light fixtures, the carpet, and many other pieces of decor.

Caitlyn put her feet in the pool to cool off. It was hot outside, but the pool was still pretty cold. Both of the girls wanted to swim, but we forgot to bring swimsuits.

After checking out the pool we stopped in the gift shop to pick out one more Spring Break treat, and then we headed home.

Back to school...sigh...can't we have just one more week???

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