Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We started our Easter Holiday on Saturday night by coloring eggs. The kids look forward to this every year. They always have lots of creative ideas about how they want their eggs to look. Some of the ideas are doable and some are not. But, like every other year, the egg decorating seems to evolve and take on a life of it's own as we go along.

CJ decorated his first egg with a New York Yankees theme. The Yankees have become his new obsession since the fall baseball season. I don't think we have had a Yankees egg before!

Caley's first egg was dyed blue and she painted a yellow Chick on it. It turned out very cute!

Here are all of our finished eggs. They look so cute and colorful all together. Each one has it's own design and personality. Just like us.

This morning everyone woke up extra early, of course, to find their Easter Baskets. Caley's basket was filled with two new outfits for her baby, a Marley & Me DVD, a Tinkerbell book, and of course a little bit of candy. The Easter Bunny went light on the candy this year. He would rather spend a little more on gifts and less on candy. =-)

Caitlyn's basket had a "Tumbles" rollover puppy, High School Musical III on DVD, an Amelia Bedelia book and some candy. Caitlyn has been asking for Tumbles since Christmas. The Easter Bunny must have gotten a great deal on him at Target this week!

CJ's basket was filled with a new Yankees hat, a Yankees/Derek Jeter t-shirt, an Everything Kids Baseball book, and of course some candy.

I think they were all pretty satisfied with their Easter Baskets. They had some questions about the lack of candy. But when I told them it looked like the Easter Bunny got them better gifts this year, they all agreed!

The rest of our day was spent going to church and having an Easter dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. Happy Easter everyone!!!

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The Real Me! said...

I wish the Easter Bunny would visit ME! LOL. Looks like some great things. Loved the eggs!