Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Pool Time!

A day without rain, can it be? Yesterday it actually happened, no rain, no lightening, no thunder; well it didn't rain where we were anyway. So, the kids and I decided to take a few hours and do a little pool hoppin'. We went to one of our favorite, not to be named here, places. Hey, we have spent a lot of money at this particular place, one little dip in the pool isn't going to hurt anybody. ;-O

Here are the girls, wearing their brand new swim suits. We were happy to discover that this particular place had just renovated their pool by adding a new slide and kiddie play area. Cool!

Caitlyn models her new swim suit. Both girls have wanted a two-piece suit for the past couple of years. This summer they each got one.

After a few hours of swimming we headed over to the gift shop to buy a few snacks and drinks. See, we do spend a lot of money at this place! Then, we found a picnic table, to sit and have a little snack, before heading back home. It was a nice day. It was so relaxing to just sit by the pool for a few hours and watch the kids swim. Can we do that everyday?


Staci said...

Looks like fun, great pics! I wish the rain would go away here too!

Brimful Curiosities said...

Haven't been to the pool yet. Soon, soon.