Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts

1. Job hunting is not fun. But, since I do not have one yet, the hunt is not over.

2. Just when you think you know how the game is played, the rules change.

3. What is the real deal with Jon & Kate? We (the kids and I) have been fans of their show since the beginning. It is heart breaking to watch them not getting along. I hate watching relationships fall apart. Ugh!

4. What is the deal with the price of gas? We are all just pawns in someones big game of 'let's see how much they will take.' It would be nice to go back to being a kid and not have to pay attention to or think about any of this stuff.

5. Tomorrow we need to go to the BEACH! It is time to take a day off and have some fun!!!

Boy, it feels good to get that stuff out of my brain.

What are your random thoughts for today?

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Jon and Kate really need to just take the show off the air and concentrate on being a "real" family! It is so sad! Have a good time at the beach!