Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Hero

On Thursday, we were invited to one of the Orange County Fire Stations to see our daddy being recognized for saving a life while on duty back in April. I always think it is funny that they choose certain "heroic" events to recognize police, fire fighter's, and EMT's. These people do heroic things everyday, but I guess some events stand out over others.
On Thursday this group was being recognized for working together to save the life of a young woman who was involved in a car accident. Chris's partner was the first to arrive on the scene. She found the victim in the backseat of the car with blood shooting out of a cut on her neck. Gloria jumped in the backseat to apply pressure to the wound. Meanwhile, Chris was speeding to the scene to help out. He took over with attending to the wound, until the fire fighter's and EMT's arrived. Chris actually rode in the ambulance, holding the neck of the victim, until they got to the hospital.
The victim could have succumbed to her wound, but with the quick work of Chris's partner, and all of the others involved, she survived to tell her story.
Congratulations to everyone involved!!!

Family photo with "Our Hero."

The kids got a chance to see the fire station, and some of the firetrucks.
They were the only kids there that day.
I think it was really good for them to see the result of the work that their dad does everyday.

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Kelly said...

What a guy!! Congrats!!