Monday, June 22, 2009

So Sad

So, tonight is was revealed. Jon and Kate Gosselin announced that they will be divorcing. It was hard to watch, but as has always been true of their show, in my opinion, they were real. Neither one of them blamed the show, and in fact, Kate and the kids will still be doing the show. Jon may be around from time-to-time. It seems like he doesn't really know what he wants. Jon actually said he was thankful for the show, because it has given them a forum to tell their side of the story. The side that is real, not the side that the paparazzi and the tabloids want you to see. I do not and will not read, purchase or believe the tabloids. They are only in business to ruin peoples lives.

Still, the whole thing is very sad. Both Jon and Kate said that this had been coming for quite some time. Who knows all that is/was involved in their decision. Divorce is never an easy or great decision, but it has to be made by the two people involved, and no one else.

I will always remain hopeful that Jon and Kate can work out their differences. Maybe, now that some of the pressure is off of them, they can look back at the good times and the things that brought them together. Nothing is ever final as long as we are breathing. I will be hoping for the best for both of them, and most of all for their kids!

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