Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baseball Saturday!!!

CJ and Coach Bolin at first practice.

One of our new activities this fall (well, it is still full blown SUMMER in Florida!) is Little League Baseball. CJ has wanted to play baseball for the last couple years. I always felt like we were too busy with other activities, and I was a little intimidated by Little League.

This year we decided it was now or never. I didn't want him to get too old to play for that first time. I mean, he is 9, he is practically a senior citizen when it comes to first year ball players! Ha, Ha!

So far it has been a really great experience. The other players and coaches are definitely as intense about the game as I thought they would be. I was worried that they would eat CJ alive and he would become too self-conscious. But, just the opposite has happened. Both the coaches and other players have been very supportive and helpful to him. When he takes batting practice the coaches really work with him and the other boys rally around and cheer him on. It is really great to see. I have actually had tears in my eyes at the last two practices, listening to and watching the other boys encourage him. I am very impressed with the amount of teamwork and good sportsmanship that I have seen so far. I think this is going to be a great experience for CJ!

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Kelly said...

Looks like he is going to have fun!! Let us know when his games are so if we can swing it, we can catch one or two!!