Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend FUN!!!

WOW! What a crazy weekend, and it carried right over into Monday. Saturday we started the day with selling Cub Scout Popcorn door-to-door in one of the local neighborhoods. It was mildly successful and very HOT!!! The girls tagged along and surprisingly, handled it pretty well. Immediately after Popcorn selling we ran home, changed uniforms, and headed out to baseball practice. Again, IT WAS HOT!!! After practice, we ran some errands and went home to catch up on all of the domestic stuff that needed to be done there.

When Sunday came around, it was time for some fun. We packed up and headed out to our favorite place, where else...The Magic Kingdom. It was a nice day and not too busy. We stayed for a few hours, hit some of our favorite attractions, saw the 3:00 parade, and headed home. What a weekend!!!

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Teagan said...

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