Thursday, September 18, 2008

He is a Yankee!

CJ got his new Little League uniform tonight. It was the night that he had been waiting for. But, the Yankees? Both Chris and I are having a hard time with that one (neither of us is a Yankee fan, far from). For this season, we will have to put aside our feelings, and cheer them on, at the Winter Garden Little League field that is.

CJ is doing great. He is really hanging in there with baseball. He got his first hit tonight off of one of his teammate pitchers, not a coach. He also got to practice running the bases with the coaches giving them the signals that they will give in the games. And the highlight of the night was learning to slide. Every boys dream! CJ did really good, he looked like he had been doing it for years. On the way home he proudly told me that he had grass stains on his pants that I would need to wash out. To him, I guess that means that he is a real ball player.

His first game is on Monday, Sept. 22. I will let you know how it goes!


Kelly said...

What time is his game? Don't we have scouts on Mondays? :o) I hope it is early enough and you aren't going to be stretched too thin!! Nathaniel wants to check out his game! He looks mighty handsome!!

Julie said...

The games are all at 6:00 pm. We have two games on Monday's, the rest are on Tuesday's and Thursday's. We do have Scouts this Monday. I will be running between the two this week and on Oct. 27th. CJ would love to have Nathaniel there for a game or more...?