Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Poptober!

It's that time of the year again. The time we all look forward to with such excitement! The time when we get to push our kids out the door, to bug family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and complete strangers to help support our favorite organizations by buying stuff. For us that means selling Cub Scout POPCORN!

For me, it means more than just getting my own son to sell popcorn, it also means planning, organizing, and motivating 40 other Cub Scouts to sell popcorn. Yes, once again, I am the Cub Scout Pack 220 "Popcorn Kernel." Don't you just love the hat?

Monday night was our "popcorn kickoff." We had music, I found the song "Popcorn" on i-tunes, (thanks dad, he used make us listen to that song all the time back in the 70's). We had cheers. My best yellers, my husband Chris and my co-den leader Jack, lead the boys in cheers of POP-CORN and FILL IT UP!!! We had a popcorn treat for everyone. I popped about 100 cups of popcorn that afternoon, bagged it all into individual paper bags, and stapled a "how to fill it up in a week" handout to each bag. And, most importantly, we had the promise of PRIZES!!! This year the boys can enter themselves into a weekly drawing for one of six laptop computers by filling up their popcorn order form. There are lots of other fun prizes like hats, patches, Lego sets, camping equipment, etc.

The boys seemed to have had fun. Anything that involves being given permission to yell, is FUN. And, hopefully they will be motivated to start selling popcorn. That remains to be seen. I'll keep you posted.

And here is why I do it all!!!

CJ and "best bud" Nathaniel.


Kelly said...

I can't believe it is popcorn time again!! I can't believe even more that you had to wear that hat!! How fun!! Let me know if you need help. Don't want the popcorn Kernel to get burned!! :o)

Melody said...

You are completely the bravest Scout mom ever! Let me know too if you need help on the popcorn front; I'm not as scatter-brained as our committee thinks :-/
I used to blog, but I quit - maybe I'll take a go at it again...
You make stuff look fun - I supposed that's why you're the Kernel!