Sunday, December 14, 2008

11 Days til Christmas - Lights, Lights, Lights!!!

With the boys off on a camping trip, the girls had a chance to have a long awaited "girls day." Since it is Christmas time, we decided to go the The Disney Hollywood Studios to see the "Osborne Family lights." We arrived at the park right around lunch time. We caught the end of the "High School Musical" show and then headed back to "Toy Story Mania." The ride opened last summer and we have not had a chance to experience it yet. Yesterday was no different. By the time we got there all of the fastpasses were gone for the day and the wait was 80 minutes. Maybe we will get to ride it next time.

Next we headed over to "The Great Movie Ride." It is one of my favorites. After the ride we had some lunch and went to find a spot to watch the 3:00 parade, "Block Party Bash."

After the parade we did a little shopping and got ready for the "Beauty and the Beast" show. Both of the girls love that show, we see it everytime we go to the park. I have to admit, it is a great show. We have seen it so many times that I can now see the small changes that they make from show to show. But, it never gets old, we still love it!

After Beauty and the Beast, we walked to the back of the park. The girls insisted that we go on "Star Tours." I think they did this in honor of CJ. They are so used to going on it with him, they feel like a trip to the park just isn't complete without "Star Tours."

Finally, it was time to go see the "Osbourne Family Lights." They were bigger and better than ever. Disney added more lights, they make the lights "dance" to several different songs this year, and the snow was amazing. Sometimes the fake snow is very fake. This year there was so much of it in the air that it really did look like real snow. It felt like real snow when it hit your face too. The weather cooperated by giving us a nice cool night, so we got the full effect of being in a "white Christmas."

We ended the night by taking in the 8:00 showing of "Fantasmic," and doing a little shopping on our way out of the park. We had a great time, it was strange to just be at the park with just the girls, but we could definately get used to it!!!

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