Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back by Popular Demand!

Is it "Roy?" Is it "the Molenator?" No, it's the Tooth Fairy! (If you have seen "The Santa Clause 2" you will appreciate those names) Yep, she was back again. Sunday night Caley had to give in and let dad take out another tooth. She fought it all day long. By bedtime it was really hanging by a thread. She couldn't even brush her teeth without feeling like it was going to fall out and be washed down the sink. So, it was dad to the rescue. He barely had to touch the tooth and it was out.

Caley was very upset. Now she is missing both top-front teeth. The most upsetting part for her seemed to be that, now she looks like Caitlyn. She is so worried that people will not be able to tell them apart, since they are both missing their front teeth. Oh sure, it is just the teeth that confuse people. Not the fact that they look identical in almost every way!

Everything was all better in the morning when Caley woke up and found the Webkin that the Tooth Fairy left for her. This is her first Webkin, so it is very exciting!

To be continued..............

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Kelly said...

Oh great!! Now what? In the christmas picture, which was great btw, one had bangs and one didn't! Are they still like that? Hey, I need something to help me out!!