Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Work CJ!!!

Friday was an exciting school day for CJ. Every Friday Tildenville Elementary recognizes several students from each grade for the hard work that they have been doing. This week they recognized students who had made great progress in reading. CJ was one of three fourth graders recognized this week. To earn this recognition CJ improved on his last benchmark test by 20 points!!!

This was very exciting news for me. I have always known that CJ could get good grades in school. Up to this point he had just not chosen to show his true abilities. I am so proud of him for finally letting himself and everyone else see his true abilities. Great job, CJ!!! Keep it up!!!

As a reward for his hard work, he got to choose the book that he is holding in the picture.

The t-shirt that he is wearing was also a gift from the school. Every student at Tildenville got a new shirt on Friday. The shirts were a reward for achieving an "A" on the fcat and for being a "Five Star" school. Congratulations Tildenville!!!

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