Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 Days til Christmas

Oh no, here we go again. Sick kids for Christmas! CJ started getting sick on Friday night when we went to see the Candlelight Processional at EPCOT. He was feverish and sleepy all day Saturday.

Saturday night Caitlyn said that she did not feel good. By bedtime she had a 102.9 fever and CJ still had a fever too.

Sunday both kids spent all day sleeping. Every time they woke up they had fevers. We gave them Motrin and back to sleep they would go.

Monday...more of the same with the addition of 'flu' symptoms for Caitlyn. CJ even felt bad enough that he did not want to go to the Cub Scout Christmas party that we were invited to that night. By Monday night CJ was better, but he had been sleeping all day.

Today, Caitlyn is about the same. She is still a little feverish, although the vomiting has stopped. CJ doesn't have a fever anymore but he is still very sleepy and hasn't eaten much since Saturday.

So far Caley hasn't shown any signs of coming down with this illness. I am hoping that she makes it through Christmas without getting sick. And maybe, if we are very lucky, the other two will have recovered by then.

Why does it always happen at Christmas?

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Julie said...

Poor kids!!! Hope they were all better for Christmas day! And I hope your family had a wonderful Christmas!!