Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up

On Christmas Eve we went to visit Santa. We had planned to go a few days earlier, but with everyone getting sick, this was the first chance we had to go.
Santa made everyone feel better for a few minutes.
The trip to Ghirardelli for a piece of chocolate helped too.

Ready for bed in our new Christmas Eve PJ's! All three pairs of pj's were fleecy and warm. Too bad it was a warm night in FL. Maybe we will have a few cool nights in Jan. or Feb. to wear these.

After all of the Christmas Eve festivities were over and everyone was ready for bed, cookies and milk were left out for Santa. He seemed to enjoy them. All that was left in the morning was a splash of milk and some crumbs on the cookie plate!

Look what Santa left for me! It is a small box, but it packs a big punch. Inside was the "Guitar Hero" for Nintendo DS that CJ asked for. If he looks a little tired and thin, he is. He was still recovering from the cold/flu that he got the day that Christmas break started!

Can I open these now? I am pretty sure the "Littlest PetShop Club House" that I asked for is in that big box!
Caitlyn still wasn't feeling very good. Can you tell by her eyes?

New clothes for my "Baby Alive!"
That is exactly what I asked Santa for! He is such a good guy.

I know Santa must have brought something for me too. Where did he hide that stocking?

Yeah! Santa brought me exactly what I wanted!

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Kelly said...

Good stuff. Chris is such a big kid!! No one sick in our house for christmas. HOWEVER... nannie and poppop come for Savannah's birthday in a few weeks, so someone is bound to be sick! *fingers crossed*